Reporting Noise Nuisances

Following the many complaints about the noise from the Chequers last weekend, Friends of Quarry have put together the following procedures to be followed if you want to complain about noise from any source.

If you think that the nuisance may be repeated we strongly advise starting a log of the events collecting the dates, length and level of the annoyance. This is especially important if the source in a business such as a pub.

Firstly the event should be reported to the City Council via Environmental Health or the Safer Oxford Partnership. Alternatively phone it in to 01865 249811. You can also download the Noise APP to your phone and use this to record and report the noise.

If the source is a pub then it should be reported to the City Licensing Authority at or phoned in on 01865 252565.

In addition the problem can be reported to the police at or phoned in on 01865 542059. This
should be done after reporting to the council as is important as the police need to
know how often any venue is causing a problem before they act. Alternatively the
problem can be reported on the Police 101 number.


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