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Traffic Scheme for Quarry – 2013

Many Quarry residents when asked about their concerns about the area mention traffic and parking as the number one issue. The concerns are various and long standing – and getting worse due to increasing through traffic, increased numbers of cars, and knock on effects of car parking restrictions elsewhere. Proposed and anticipated developments at the Park Hospital/ Churchill sites and the expansion of Windmill School will severely contribute to an escalation of these problems unless actively addressed.
This paper presents a set of changes to address, or at least mitigate, the effect of these problems on the quality of life of residents. Rather than identifying solutions on a piece-meal basis, as is happening now, a picture of a full set of changes which can be debated, agreed and monitored is a better way forward. That is the objective of the attched paper.
Several of the proposals below can be implemented by local residents acting together provided there is the support of the Highways Authority. But some of the changes require moderate amounts of money – the proposed Community Infrastructure levy may be one source of such money. In any case, an absence of current funds is not an excuse for ignoring solutions.
This paper has been prepared by the Transport Group of Friends of Quarry. The main points in this paper were presented at the AGM of Friends of Quarry on 13 November 2013. There was overwhelming endorsement.

Traffic scheme for Quarry 2013


Parking notice

If you are experiencing trouble with commuter parking outside your home please feel free to download and use the commuter parking notice below.

Commuter Parking