Friends of Quarry Newsletter – March 2020

We have published our latest newsletter, which includes updates on our projects, upcoming events, traffic and planning matters such as the development at 1 Quarry High Street.

It will be delivered to all houses in the Conservation Area this week and is also available at Newsletter_FOQ_March_2020.

Parish Councils Climate Emergency Workshop, 28 March 2020, 0945

We have received the following invitation from Oxford City Council:

We are delighted to invite you to the Parish Councils Climate Emergency Workshop. Join the Lord Mayor of Oxford and climate experts at this event, intended to give you, as Parish Councils and local leaders, the knowledge that you will need to take action on the climate emergency in your areas.

The workshop will take place on Saturday 28 March 2020, 9.45am – 1pm in the Long Room of Oxford Town Hall.

Please register for this free event here:

This workshop is primarily aimed at Parish Councillors based in or near Oxford however all are welcome to attend. Please feel free to forward the registration details to anyone who may be interested.

Last year’s declaration by Oxford City Council of a climate emergency and the subsequent Citizens’ Assembly have made it clearer than ever that we in Oxford and the surrounding area must take action to avoid catastrophic climate change.

With such an overwhelming challenge it can often be hard to know where to start. Join local experts and leaders to share knowledge about the climate emergency and discuss practical steps that Parish Councils and community groups can take to tackle climate change in your local areas.

OxClean 2020, 29 February, 1400, Quarry Hollow Park

Hi All,

We have reviewed the weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon and have made the decision to go ahead with OxClean as planned.

We hope that you will still be able to join us, but we will understand if the weather puts you off. If you do join us, please make sure that you dress warmly.

We’ll be working with OxClean and Holy Trinity Headington Quarry again this year to hold a clean up of the Quarry. This will now take place on 29 February.

Please join us in Quarry Hollow Park at 1400 for up to two hours.

All equipment and instructions will be provided – please bring along your children to help.

We hope to see you there.



Oxford Fiddle Group Concert, 23 Feb, 1930, Village Hall

The Oxford Fiddle Group will be performing at the Village Hall this Sunday at 1930.

Tickets are £10 on the door, or £9 in advance from Chris at or on 01865 769366. More details are available on the Oxford Fiddle Group facebook page.

You can expect an excellent evening of musical entertainment.


CANCELLED: Cheese and Wine Evening, 20 March, 2000, Village Hall

Update: we have made the decision to cancel this event. We aim to reschedule it for later this year.

If you have bought tickets already, you will be refunded.

We will be hosting a cheese and wine evening in the Village Hall on 20 March, starting at 2000. Musical entertainment will be provided.

Tickets are £8 and are available from:

  • Jan Wheeler: 7 Coppock Close or on 01865 765290,
  • Jonny Ives: 1 New Cross Road or on 07884 137282

It will be a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and an enjoyable evening.

We hope to see you there.


Update on the Building at 1 Quarry High Street

The development at 1 Quarry High Street of six three-storey town houses received planning permission in September 2006. As part of this permission a number of conditions were applied to the development which had to fulfilled before construction was begun.

Construction on houses began last year and in September we realized that the building was too high and too large for the site and informed Planning Enforcement at the City Council of our concerns. In discussions with them they have agreed that the building is too high, but they have consistently down-played our other concerns. They have also suggested that the increase in height is relatively minor, something which we simply do not accept. No accurate estimate of the height has been made available to us. 

The letter granting permission to build contained a number of conditions which had to be fulfilled and some of these had to be completed before building was started. These included a proper site survey to ensure that the development could be fitted into the site and a survey of contamination on the site. In initial discussions with the Enforcement team we became aware that records pertaining to these could not be found. Currently this remains the case at least one condition. We note that recently another condition, also intended to be done before the building started, about getting permission for the facing materials to be used to cover the building has appeared on the planning site. We still have not, despite asking to do so, seen any evidence that the other conditions have been fulfilled, though we have had reassurances that they have. 

As a result of contacting Enforcement we were told in November that the builder had been asked to submit a retrospective planning application. However we have doubts that this has happened as the time limit for such an application has passed and nothing has appeared on the planning website. In discussion with the authorities we have pressed to see the paperwork relating to the planning conditions and the enforcement reports. Despite freedom of information requests this has not been possible, due to legal reasons. Currently we are trying to meet with the planning and enforcement team to discuss these issues, and have submitted another freedom of information request for all the paperwork relating to the initial granting of planning permission. 

We continue to work with our local Councillors to try and find out what is happening and intend to hold a public meeting when we are clear as to what happened and what remedies might be available.

Commenting on the development at 1 Quarry High Street

Do want your chance to comment on the development of 6 three storey town houses at 1 Quarry High Street?

If so then follow this link, which is to an application to get permission to use specific materials as building facings. This is to fulfill one of the necessary conditions in the original letter granting permission for the development which was granted in 2006. Note the condition was supposed to have been fulfilled before the building began.  The link is here.


Reporting Leaf Litter

Several residents have pointed out that the Council no longer sweeps pavements and alleys to remove fallen leaves. These surfaces can become slippery and thus dangerous, especially on sloping ground.

The Council will usually respond if a specific place is reported by residents. So if there is a pavement or alley or other public space which you think needs clearing of leaves please contact the Council on or phone 01865 249811.


Headington Action Christmas Light Switch On, 30 November, 1600

Headington Action will be holding the Christmas Light Switch On on 30 November at 1600.

More details are on the Headington Action Website.


Friends of Quarry 2019 AGM – Agenda and Materials

As previously notified, we will be holding our 2019 AGM in the Headington Quarry Village Hall on 14 November.

We will start at 2000 and there will be an opportunity to join Friends of Quarry or renew your membership beforehand.

The agenda and the minutes of last year’s AGM are attached.

FOQ AGM agenda 2019

FoQ end of year accounts 2019 (Updated)

We hope to see you on Thursday.