Oxford Local Plan 2036 Consultation

On Thursday November 1st the Oxford City Local Plan will be opened to the public for consultation.

The details of the plan will be available on line and copies of the plan can be found in the local libraries in the city.  

Comments on the plan will be sent to the Planning Inspector for consideration in the summer of 2019. All responses to the plan have to be made on the appropriate forms, must indicate the policy that they address, indicate how that policy can be improved, and furthermore they must relate to the “tests of soundness” of the plan.  

The procedures to follow are described at this site. You can talk to the local Planning Officers responsible for the plan at the meetings on these dates.

  • Wednesday 7th November 2018 4-7pm ( St Aldate’s Room, Town Hall )
  • Saturday 17th November 2018 10am-1pm ( Judge’s Room, Town Hall )

The consultation ends on 13th December 2018, and the City Council hopes to have the Planning Inspector’s report on the Plan in the Summer of 2019, and to implement it by the end of 2019.


FOQ October Newsletter

We have published our October Newsletter. You can read it at Newsletter_FOQ_201810_Final (Booklet)

FOQ 2018 AGM, 22 November 2018, 1930, Coach House

The AGM will be held on the 22nd November in the Coach House at
7:30pm. There are a two motions to be put to the meeting which
require changes to the constitution:

1. The committee asks that the treasurer be allowed to serve for a
maximum than five years.

This is asked for because we have had difficulty in finding someone
to take over from our current treasurer, and the constitution requires
that committee officers serve only for three years.

2. The current annual £2 membership fees be increased to £2.50,
with the option of a 10 year membership at £20.

This reasons for this change were given in the last Newsletter and
have to do with the fact that the membership fee has not changed for some time, and that the small fee is difficult to collect.

The details of the agenda for the AGM will be circulated later.

We hope to see you at the AGM.

Quarry Quiz Night, 9 November 2018, 2000, Village Hall

On the 9th November Friends of Quarry will be hosting a Quiz Night in Headington Quarry Village Hall at 8pm.

Entrance will be £1 and there will be beer, soft drinks and wine to purchase.

Prizes will be awarded for each quiz round and for the team that wins the overall quiz.

We hope to see you at the Quiz.

Newsletter – July 2018

We have recently distributed our latest newsletter. A copy is attached.


Friends of Quarry

FOQ_news_booklet_final (Online Version)

Planning Update – July 2018

We are sometimes asked how FOQ decide which applications to comment on and on what basis.  We will comment on applications where we feel there is an impact on the Conservation Area, especially  on its character and appearance, and where neighbours express strong concerns. This can include applications outside the Conservation Area.

Of 17 planning applications in Quarry last year we commented on five plus Stansfeld.  We did not comment on any applications for tree work/removal.

16/01373/FUL Holy Trinity Church. We were generally favourable, following changes made to the earlier application, which was withdrawn.

16/01674/FUL 10 Beaumont Road We were concerned about the size of the rear extension and its impact on neighbours

16/01272 New Access to the Masons Arms off the Stables. Our main concern was the loss of walling along the Stables and the change to the character and appearance of this part of Quarry. The Planner’s Report has raised several concerns about the Council’s commitment to the Conservation Area and we have requested a meeting with the Council to discuss.

16/02618/FUL Stansfeld Education Centre We were generally favourable but concerned about the impact of traffic and parking on Quarry

16/03233 25 Quarry High Street Lots of internal improvements proposed plus significant changes to the external appearance.  This property is part of a 70s development which has clear design elements running through all properties. Should we be concerned about the loss of these elements in the Conservation Area? Discuss Not sure we need this one see below

17/007771/FUL 1A New Cross Road Like many neighbours, we were concerned about the loss of off street parking and front garden. These plans have since been amended.


Lawrence Kelly

Jeff Mcilhinney

GDPR Update

In order to ensure our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations that have come into force today,  we have published our Privacy Notice

If you have any questions concerning our use of your personal data, please contact us at friendsofquarry@gmail.com