Report: A Guided Tour of Headington Quarry, 9th July 2011

Continuity and Change

Barry Carter, historian and well-established resident of the Quarry, conducted a most enjoyable, interesting and informative walk around Headington Quarry on a sunny Saturday afternoon, for a cluster of 15 or so local folk, curious to learn more of the history of our much loved village.

The winding journey took us from Quarry School Place, with its conservation area plaque, through Quarry Hollow, on to Chapel Alley and the former Methodist chapel, thence to the Recreation Ground, the Village Hall, the Play Park, the Coach House and vicarage, the churchyard with its views to the Glebeland, Trinity Road, Beaumont Road and Quarry High Street, finishing with a most welcome cup of tea and cake at the White House, with the charming hospitality of Anne and David Blackman.

Barry knows his subject like the back of his hand. Entertaining anecdotes, legends and historical facts were at his fingertips as he took us around the alleys we know so well. For example, there were stories of old shops, post offices and schools, blocked pathways, football teams, graves, haunted houses, C. S. Lewis, William Kimber, Morris dancing, the ancient quarries, the old launderers, and more recent developments too. If you are lucky enough to catch Barry on a repeat of the walk, do not miss the opportunity! If not, you may wish instead to cajole him into doing it again.

Ken Weavers.


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