Holy Trinity Church Development Proposals – Your Chance to Comment

As you will be aware if you were able to attend the Friends of Quarry AGM last week, a new development proposal has been made for Holy Trinity Church.

As part of their process of consultation with the local community, representatives of Holy Trinity presented to the AGM. They have also asked us to canvass our members for your views on the proposed developments. Friends of Quarry will then prepare a consolidated response on your behalf.

More information on the proposal and an overview of the process for gaining approval for the development is at http://www.hthq.org.uk/church-building-development-updates.html.

If you wish to make any comments that you would like Friends of Quarry to include in our response, please email us at friendsofquarry@gmail.com or via our website at https://friendsofquarry.org/contact-us/.

You can also make submissions directly to Holy Trinity via Canon David Knight at: 12 Bankside, Headington Quarry, OX3 8LT or davidcknight45@gmail.com.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 26 November in order to allow us to summarise all responses and submit them for the Holy Trinity deadline of 28 November.


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