FOQ 2018 AGM, 22 November 2018, 1930, Coach House

The AGM will be held on the 22nd November in the Coach House at
7:30pm. There are a two motions to be put to the meeting which
require changes to the constitution:

1. The committee asks that the treasurer be allowed to serve for a
maximum than five years.

This is asked for because we have had difficulty in finding someone
to take over from our current treasurer, and the constitution requires
that committee officers serve only for three years.

2. The current annual £2 membership fees be increased to £2.50,
with the option of a 10 year membership at £20.

This reasons for this change were given in the last Newsletter and
have to do with the fact that the membership fee has not changed for some time, and that the small fee is difficult to collect.

The details of the agenda for the AGM will be circulated later.

We hope to see you at the AGM.


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