Oxford City Centre – Proposed Temporary Bus Gates

You may have seen news coverage about a proposal for temporary bus gates to be installed in the City Centre. The County and City Councils yesterday shared updates on the temporary bus gate proposals which aim to assist Oxford’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The bus gates are part of a number of measures being taken forward by the county council as the transport authority, and the city council as key stakeholder and partner, to counter the effects of the pandemic. The problems are significant and need fairly radical intervention.

The proposed temporary bus gates are one part of their measures to support the bus network and local businesses as part of Oxford’s recovery, and will be important in creating conditions which support the continued levels of waking and cycling that have been seen in recent months.

Their main goal with these bus gates is to see the city centre returning to being a destination for visitors, shoppers and residents, not simply a through route.

They appreciate that everyone will have their own feedback and comments. Therefore they are currently running a public survey to inform the proposals on the temporary bus gates which is open until August 9 2020 at 23.59.

Alongside the survey, the councils have also co-created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on questions that both county and city councils have received over the past few weeks.

Please do read the FAQs and give your views through the consultation portal. The councils will ensure that every comment is considered including any you may already have submitted.


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