School Streets Trial, Windmill School, starting on 22 March 2021

The aim of the School Streets programme is to create a safe, welcoming and attractive environment where children, parents and teachers can walk, cycle or scoot, or park away from and walk to school with less risk of concentrated air pollution and traffic congestion. As part of this, timed road closures will be introduced to prohibit access for motor vehicles at school drop-off and/or pick-up times.

A trial of School Streets will start at Windmill School on Monday 22 March for an initial 6 week trial period. As part of this, temporary supervised barriers will be in place at the following locations at 0830 – 0900 and 1500 – 1530:

  • Margaret Road – between its junctions with St Annes Road & Wharton Road
  • York Road – between its junctions with Margaret Road & Weyland Road

There are trials underway at other schools in Oxford. More details can be found online.


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