1 Quarry High Street – Update on Development

We have been asked what’s happening to the development at 1 Quarry High Street.

There is a clear discrepancy between what has being built and what was approved. We first reported the situation to Planning Enforcement in Sept 2019.

The Local Authority maintain that any planning infringements are minimal and do not warrant further enforcement.  They have asked the Developer to submit a retrospective planning application but he has refused.

They maintain that the block of flats is about 30cm (1ft) higher than it should be. We were so concerned by this that we paid for a professional survey to be carried out. This revealed that the mews block is about 90cm higher than it should be and instead of being 1.1m higher than the Shop it is 2.8m higher! This survey also revealed that the height of the shop shown on the plans is about 80cm higher than the survey determined, a result similar to that obtained by the Oxford Civic Society who have been working with us to get the Council to act. The Local Authority has chosen to ignore these results. In addition they maintain that the front boundary wall has been re-built along its original line, which it hasn’t.  (All measurements approximate)

Friends of Quarry have met with Planning Officers several times during the last 18 months and continue to pursue the case. We have escalated this within the Council and are due to have a meeting with senior officials shortly.

Headington Quarry and the Conservation Area have been badly let down by the Local Authority. It undermines public confidence in the planning system and planning enforcement. 

Residents might like to question our local Councilors and prospective Councilors about why this situation has been allowed to happen and drag on for so long.

If you would more information or want to discuss this, you are welcome to contact Lawrence Kelly on 07767 884642 or via our email.


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