Oxford Local Plan 2040 – Consultation has started

Oxford City Council has started the process of producing the Local Plan 2040. OCC are offering an early opportunity to get involved in the development of the Oxford Local Plan 2040. 

The Local Plan can help tackle many of the issues that the city faces, such as our environment, inequalities and climate change.  It will set out where and how new development can happen. It will look at what development is needed in the city and try to provide for that. At the same time it will try to keep hold of the things that make Oxford a special place, and see where things can improve to make it a better place to live, work and visit.

OCC have begun to identify issues that they think the Local Plan could help to address. These are set out in an Issues Paper, supported by a series of topic papers containing more detailed background information. The Issues Paper and topic papers are on the OCC website.

In addition, OCC have prepared a Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report, a Duty to Cooperate Scoping report and are running a call for sites exercise. Details are on the webpage as above.

Comments can be made using the questionnaire, which does not require reference to any other documents, or using the Issues Paper Questions to help guide your responses to the issues paper. Links to both are on the webpage as above


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