1 Quarry High Street – Your Opportunity to Comment on the Appeal

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) have served an enforcement notice on the mews block development at 1 Quarry High Street and Mr Beecher has appealed. The case will now go to a public inquiry. 

This is now your chance to comment – comments must be received by Tues 29th March. Comments should be sent to the Planning Inspectorate and not Oxford City Council.

How to Comment

The easiest way is to go to the Planning Inspectorate website at Planning Inspectorate. The link should take you to the case directly, but if it does not, enter the case number APP/G3110/C/22/3292360 (you only need to enter the last seven figures). When you have located the case, enter your details and then your comments.

Depending on whether you support the enforcement notice or are against it you should start with:

  • ‘I support the LPA in issuing the enforcement notice’ and explain whether it is for the same reasons as given by the LPA or, if not, explain your own reasons; or
  • ‘I support the appellant in appealing against the enforcement notice’ and explain why

Friends of Quarry support the enforcement notice and will comment on why the Mews Block has not been built as the approved plans and  why it has caused unacceptable harm to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. A key issue is that the height of the violin shop on the approved plans is almost 1m higher than it actually is, thus appearing to reduce the impact of the mews block.

If you would like to see all the documents submitted so far concerning the enforcement action they are available on the Oxford City Planning website. This will take you to the Enforcement tab, where you can enter the reference 18/00097/ENF

If you would like further information or help please contact Lawrence Kelly on 07767 884642


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