Friends of Stansfeld Public Meeting – 13 July

Dear Friend of Quarry,

Friends of Stansfeld would like to invite you to a Public Meeting of the Friends of Stansfeld, at 7.30pm on Monday 13 July 2015 at Quarry Village Hall, Quarry Road.

At the last public meeting on 4 June 2015, it was agreed to set up the Friends of Stansfeld, as a more formal group to take over from the Friends of Quarry and the Stansfeld Group and work with Birmingham Council.

The following aim was agreed for the Friends of Stansfeld: that the woodland area is protected in perpetuity (and opened up to the public if possible) and that the site provides educational facilities, especially a Forest School.

A working committee has been formed and has met for the first time, with Richard Bradley appointed as Chair.

The current position is that Birmingham City Council received five bids for the 250 year lease on the Stansfeld site just off Quarry Road, and three of these bidders have been invited to submit second stage bids with a 4 September deadline. Birmingham Council is anticipating that the bidders might work with a third party organisation to manage the woodland part of the site.

The role of the Friends of Stansfeld in this is still not certain. However, the Friends may work with the bidders in a number of different ways, from facilitating relationships to forming a joint venture to bid for the lease.

Although there is still much uncertainty, establishing a constitution for the Friends of Stansfeld is an important first step, and it is hoped that this will be agreed at the public meeting. In addition, there will be an update on developments and progress.

We hope to see you at the meeting. Members and non-members are welcome, and there will be an opportunity to join the Friends of Stansfeld. Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in joining the Friends or attending the meeting. If you have any queries, please email


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