Friends of Stansfeld – Group Draft Constitution

To all Friends of Stansfeld

At the Friends meeting on 13 July we discussed a draft constitution for our group. The constitution was agreed in principle, but there was some discussion about our ‘objects clause’ which was expressed as follows:

  1. To advance the education of children and young people by providing, or by raising awareness so that others provide, a woodland educational facility such as a Forest School within the Stansfeld site.
  2. For the benefit of the public, to conserve, protect and improve the natural environment of the current woodland area within the Stansfeld site by means of raising awareness, seeking partners, or by fundraising to procure and/or manage the site.

The main area of benefit for both the above objects is for people living or studying, in particular but not exclusively, in Oxford East.

Several helpful comments were made concerning adult education, enjoyment of the woodland, and the outdoor nature of a forest school.

We have attempted to weave these suggestions into the objects but we became concerned that the clause was becoming cumbersome and might delay our charity commission application. We therefore propose no change to the constitution text, but we will reflect the points made in our website and in other text.

The draft constitution is attached below.

We will submit the draft constitution to the charity commission in seven days’ time provided there are no substantive objections from any Friends.

Richard Bradley

Chair, Friends of Stansfeld


draft constitution 090715 part 1 of 3

draft constitution 090715 part 2 of 3

draft constitution 090715 part 3 of 3


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