Oxford Local Plan 2020-2040 Housing Need Consultation

Oxford City Council is consulting on the Oxford Local Plan 2040 Housing Need.  This consultation supplements the previous Preferred Options consultation undertaken in Autumn 2022 by seeking comments on the additional evidence related to housing need.  The consultation period runs from 13th February until 27th March 2023.

Housing need was discussed in general terms in the Preferred Options document, but no figure of need was included.  That was because the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 was intended to determine the housing need for Oxfordshire and apportion that to the districts, based on a spatial strategy.  However, work ceased on the Oxfordshire Plan and the updated Oxfordshire Growth Needs Assessment (OGNA) shortly before the City Council’s Local Plan 2040 Preferred Options consultation, and there was insufficient time to collect alternative housing need evidence before that consultation took place.   Alternative evidence has now been completed and is published as part of this consultation.  This evidence is the Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (HENA), jointly commissioned by Oxford City Council and Cherwell District Council and prepared by Cambridge Econometrics, Iceni and JG Consulting.  In addition to this, there is a Green Belt Assessment of Additional Sites.  Both documents are available to view in the list of evidence studies published on our website at www.oxford.gov.uk/localplan2040.  The consultation document can also be found at this link.

Comments on these documents can be submitted online, using our consultation portal, found here:  https://consultation.oxford.gov.uk/planning-services/oxford-local-plan-2040-reg-18-part-2-consultation/.   If you prefer to respond in writing or email, please email planningpolicy@oxford.gov.uk

Paper copies of the consultation materials are available to view in libraries.


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